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Paul Di'Anno biography

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Paul Andrews (born 17 May 1958, in Chingford, London), better known as Paul Di'Anno, is an English singer best known as the first vocalist
to record with heavy metal band Iron Maiden, from 1978 to 1981.
Di'Anno grew up in Chingford, England – spending his teenage years singing in various rock bands and working as a butcher and chef.
He became the band's singer after the departure of the very unpredictable Dennis Wilcock,
who had pressured Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris into firing every member of the band (including Dave Murray),
before becoming fed up himself.
He was introduced to the band by drummer Doug Sampson, an old friend of Harris' from his days in the band 'Smiler'.
It was around this time that he first adopted the stage name Di'Anno, which he would later use to claim Italian descent.
Their first audition with Rod Smallwood reputedly failed when Paul was arrested for showing off his pocket-knife in public.
1980's self-titled release quickly became acknowledged as a classic of its genre, as the band merged punk's energy with metal's riffs
and progressive rock complexity, serving as the blueprint for such future genres as thrash metal and speed metal.
1981 saw the release of their second album, Killers.
After having cancelled gigs due to Di'Anno's inability and, at times, lack of desire to perform, (which had resulted from cocaine abuse and heavy drinking),
Iron Maiden decided that to progress they would have to find a singer capable of withstanding the rigours of being on tour.

In 1981, Di'Anno left Iron Maiden after a meeting with the band and their manager Rod Smallwood.
In Di'Anno's words: "It's like having Mussolini and Adolf Hitler run your band. Because it is Rod Smallwood and Steve Harris and that's it.
There can't be anyone else and my character is too strong for that so me an' Steve was always fighting".
Di'Anno was paid out by Smallwood at the time of his departure and does not receive royalties on Iron Maiden songs.

In his post-Maiden career, Di'Anno has issued numerous albums over the years, as both a solo artist and as a member of such bands
as Gogmagog, Di'Anno's Battlezone, Praying Mantis, Killers and Rockfellas.
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